What is the MVHC?

The Military and Veteran Housing Certification (MVHC) is designed for a comprehensive understanding of the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Home Loan Guarantee Program. We want our students to have an industry recognized course needed to effectively serve the housing needs of our military and veteran communities. Our goal is to educate and empower attendees to embrace the VA loan program instead of shying away from it.

Why should I take the MVHC?

Because you want to educate yourself about the VA home loan and passionate about serving the housing needs of active-military and veteran families.

What are the requirement to achieve the MVHC designation?

Complete the 8-hour instructional portion either live and pass the multiple choice, true/false, and/or fill-in the blank questions final exam with a minimum score of 70 percent. Students will be allowed forty-five (45) minutes to complete the exam. If student does not pass the final exam within the allotted two attempts, student must re-enroll in the course.

Will the MVHC or VAREP provide me with leads?


Can I take the MVHC Live of Online?

Yes, you can take it both ways.

What will the MVHC teach me?

Understanding the VA home loan program history; Utilizing the Veteran, active military and guard/reserve demographics; Understanding the VA Home Loan Program usage and statistics; Explaining the features and benefits of the VA loan; Knowing the other types of VA Loan Guaranty Programs; Understanding the differences between the VA Loan to FHA and Conventional Loans; Defining appraisal issues and what the VA appraiser is really looking for; Understanding the VA’s Minimum Property Requirements and be able to explain them; Tips to filling out the purchase agreement; Understanding and be able to structure the fees associated with the VA Loan; Understanding the VA amendment a.k.a. the “VA Escape Clause”; Understanding and be able to explain and educated military personnel about the SCRA; Understanding the veteran and military consumer profile; and Understanding different tips on marketing to the military and veteran communities.

What do I receive after taking the MVHC?

You will receive a lapel pin, certificate of completion, MVHC digital logos for banding, MVHC press release, and Continuing Education (CE) credits (if applicable in your state).

What is course auditing and the course auditing Fee?

VAREP members can take the course live even though they have completed the course online or vice versa by paying a reduced auditing fee of $129.00.

Can I still take the MVHC course with or without the Continuing Education (CE) credits?

Yes, regardless of the CE status, real estate professionals, lenders, and housing professionals should take the MVHC course; The CE credits is an added bonus. VAREP believes that our course material will help you serve the housing needs of the active military and veteran communities.

What is the refund policy?

Please see our refund policy under the “Course Information” main menu item.